Constanza Company Rebagliati

Constanza has been a friend for years, and has been responsible for the name and logo of +QueUnLocal. She studied law and art direction, and after an internship at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York she returned to her native Palma de Mallorca, where she currently works at the outdoor advertising agency Grupo Malla Publicidad.

Madrid Bookshops Guild

We contacted the Madrid Bookshops Guild to help us spread the word about the initiative among its members. María José de Acuña, head of the Press and Communication Department, believed in the project from the very beginning, which is why it has been possible to attract some bookshops to +QueUnLocal. She also paved the way for us to reach the Cronistas de la Villa de Madrid and supports us in the dissemination of the initiative to the Madrid media.

Antonio Castro Jiménez

Antonio Castro has created the entire Monuments section of MásQueUnLocal. It has been a real luxury to have his support: in addition to being a broadcaster and journalist, he is the Chronicler of the Villa de Madrid and a member of the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts. 

Gabriela Llamas González de Amezua

Gabriela Llamas helped us by contacting different businesses to explain the initiative and hence facilitating that they would join in. Her own business, La Huerta del Emperador, has also been affected by the COVID crisis. She is a chef, has published in national and international press, and is a member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy.

XYZ Comunicación

The XYZ Comunicación team, led by Juanje, has supported us with a solidarity budget. We had worked with him in the past, always with very good results.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

After receiving details of the project, the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport of Madrid City Council, headed by Andrea Levy, moved quickly to help us contact the Chroniclers of the Villa de Madrid. It was they, and especially Bárbara Ruiz (Culture Advisor of the Madrid City Council), who connected us with Antonio Castro to whom we owe the Monuments section of +QueUnLocal.

Teresa García-Baró Zarco

Teresa is passionate about the Opera and La Latina neighbourhoods, where she used to support her family in a century-old business that she will soon take over. She studied Law and English Studies and is now an English teacher and translator. She has always supported small businesses and helps us get in touch with them thanks to her experience in the neighbourhood, which she captures in the form of photographs on her account @teresagbz.

Vive Malasaña Traders Association

The Vive Malasaña Traders Association has helped us to spread the initiative among the shops in their network, so that those interested can join in, and we thank them for helping us to reach one of the most dynamic areas of Madrid!